Google Analytics Tracking For Forms


Important Update: This plugin has been replaced by our new Campaign Tracker for WordPress.

The new plugin has been updated so it will work alongside Google Universal Analytics.

We will still be doing bug fixes for Google Analytics Tracking for Forms Pro but we’ll not be adding new functionality to this plugin.

Please visit the new plugin here.

This sweet little plugin is going to make you a champion with the marketing department.

Now  you can save tracking data from Google Analytics into any HTML form in WordPress, it works with hand coded forms as well as cool form plugins like Gravity Forms.

If you then have your form sending data through to a CRM system like Salesforce or Zoho CRM, or even just sending the enquiry by email you will be able to see, right along side the enquiry the analytics tracking data like:

Plugin settings click to view larger

Plugin settings click to view larger

  • Search engine name (Eg Google)
  • The search term the visitor used to find your site **
  • Campaign names *
  • Individual advertisement names *
  • Complete tracking data if you’re using Google’s Analytics URL builder

* if you’re using Google Adwords PPC

** keywords from normal searches on google are no longer available, however the plugin still shows the visitor is from an organic search. Search terms from a user clicking a Google PPC ad will show in your form.

Built in support for Gravity Forms

From version 2.5 our plugin now has great support for users of Gravity Forms. The plugin settings page will detect your Gravity Forms and allow you to choose the form and the fields to be used in a simple drop down menu interface.

If you’re already using Google Analytics in WordPress then you are ready to start saving tracking data today. (If you’re looking for a great Google Analytics plugin we recommend this one)

For the nerds

a working example

Ok here’s how it works; analytics works by setting a cookie, this plugin allows you to capture the interesting parts of this cookie then add them as hidden fields to a HTML form, could be a form you’ve coded or one that’s been generated by a great plugin like Gravity Forms – doesn’t matter.

The plugin allows you to specify the name of the form that you’d like to use, as well as the page(es) that the form appears so that it doesn’t hamper performance of your WordPress install. Finally you’re able to set the names of the form fields that you would like to use.

A working example

In the screen shot opposite, this form is capturing enquiries for WordPress work. Along with the normal form fields of name and email etc..  you can see the hidden fields passed through from this plugin; the user originated from an organic Google search for the term “WordPress experts”.

Got a question?

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Plugin Documentation

Important compatibility information

This plugin is not compatible with the newer Google Universal Analytics. Our plugin works by collecting data that is stored in the Google Analytics cooking ‘UTMz’. This cookie is only available with the standard classic version of Google Analytics.

Google’s newer Universal Analytics does not use the UTMz cookie so our plugin will not work as it does not have access to the data.

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