Learning Gravity Forms – eBook

We love Gravity Forms!

Having used this brilliant plugin on literally hundreds of WordPress websites we’ve come to rely on it as a staple part of every WordPress build.  Now we’ve created a new eBook “Learning Gravity Forms” to help others master this popular WordPress form plugin.

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The eBook is divided into two sections:

Part I is aimed at beginners and provides a step by step walk through from installing the plugin to creating your first form – a “Contact Us” style form. We also cover how to create email notifications and  managing the entries from your form.

Then Part II  covers 6 individual topics, designed to expand your understanding of the power of Gravity Forms.

  • Know your form fields – a detailed explanation of each type of field
  • Use conditional logic to display additional fields based on a previous answer
  • Routing email notifications based on form input
  • Avoid SPAM form entries with a honey pot field
  • Export form data from WordPress
  • Using form data in notification messages

Both sections are written in simple, easy to follow English that anyone can follow.

Download a sample

If you’d like to read the first four pages, please download this free sample.

Download Free Sample

The complete book is available for $9 (US Dollars), after purchasing below it is available in PDF format that can be read on any computer, iPad or similar eBook reader.