WordPress Video Training Library

Available to download now!

The Help For WP Plugin adds video training material right inside the WordPress dashboard. Users can watch a video and then go right back to work and do the operations they’ve just learned.

Beginners will love the Basics and WordPress Editor sections that covers everything there is to know about working with content in WordPress, while more advanced users can:

  • Manage graphics and other media in WordPress
  • Add users to their site
  • Wrangle a number of powerful WordPress plugins
  • Learn how to become a WordPress Ninja!

The plugin allows you access our complete library free of charge.

To get started simply download the free plugin from the WordPress Plugin Repository, activate it and you’re away.

You can also browse and watch the videos directly on our web site here.

For Developers

If you’re a WordPress developer you can install this plugin for your clients and save time on training users on general operations in WordPress. Then if you wish you can even add another video to the plugin’s menu that you’ve created that covers the site specific material that you would like to convey to your clients.

Learn more – watch the video