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Advanced Static Display Options – Help for WordPress

Beginning from version 3.0 of WP Stock Ticker Pro there is now the option to setup a group of stock symbols, indices or currencies and then choose to display them in groups or individually throughout your WordPress site.

Start by visiting the 3rd section of the plugin’s settings page “Advanced Static Display” and enter all of the stocks etc.. that you need.

Then on specific pages where you would like to display on or more of these stocks use the shortcode like this

[s_static_display codes=”AAPL,GOOG”]

Will display two stocks Apple and Google

[s_static_display codes=”AAPL”]

Just display one stock, Apple.

Note you have to set the stocks that you would like to use in the “Advanced Static Display” first then include them in a shortcode like this

Including stock codes that are not setup will mean that the code will not be displayed.