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Connecting to your Zoho Account

Important! This guide is for versions before 3.0. From version 3.0 we connect to Zoho using the new Zoho API and oAuth authentication method.

When connecting our plugins to Zoho CRM for the first time it requires a username and password to establish the connection. If you have two factor authentication enabled for your account there are some additional steps that you have to take. Please review the steps here for your situation.

No Zoho CRM Two Factor Authentication

Follow these steps if you don’t have two factor authentication enabled on your Zoho account.

Enter your Zoho account and password in plugin setting page as the following.

If there’s error with your password then you may see a message like this:

If your username and password are correct you will see a message like this:

Once you see that your password is saved, continue to setup the plugin by mapping one or more of your forms.

Zoho two factor authentication is enabled

Visit your Zoho account and sign into your account. Then click the below link “My Account”

Click “Security”

In this section, click “App Passwords” and then enter your WordPress website as device name and click the “Generate” button.

Copy the generated password.

Go to your WordPress dashboard and open the plugin setttings page. Enter your Zoho account username and generated app password.

After clicking “Save Zoho Settings” you should now see that the password has been correctly saved.

Potential error message

If you see the error message that is displayed below (it contains “WEB_LOGIN_REQUIRED”) it means you have entered your account password and not the generated app password as outlined in the steps above.