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Elementor Forms Support

Elementor Pro includes a form building tool; Elementor Forms. Version 3.6 of Campaign Tracker includes support for Elementor forms, with the integration working much like other form building tools. If you’re new to the plugin, be sure to checkout the getting started guide. It has information that is relevant for all form tools.

When working with Elementor Forms, build your form and then add hidden fields for each of the pieces of data that you would like to collect with Campaign Tracker.

Adding hidden fields

Our plugin uses hidden fields to pass data through the form when it is submitted. Elementor Forms allows you to easily create these. Add a new field and then change the type to Hidden. These fields are not shown to your user when viewing the form on the front end of your website.

Elementor Forms Hidden Fields

This example shows three hidden fields: Referrer, UTMS and UTMC. Add as many or few as you need, but remember one field for each piece of data you would like to collect with Campaign Tracker.

Map your hidden fields

Next, under the Settings menu in the WordPress dashboard you will find the Campaign Tracker menu. Here you will see a new tab for Elementor.

Start by selecting the form that you would like to work with from the first option. Then for each hidden field that you have created, select which data point you would like to have connected.

Save your setup, then test your form. Read this support article to get started with testing.