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How to use the Form Permissions tweak

By default only Admin users have permission to manage forms and view / interact with form entries. This tweak allows to grant permission for Gravity Forms to existing WordPress roles (eg Editor, Author) as well as the ability to create a new role specifically for Gravity Forms.

Existing Roles

To extend permissions to other existing WordPress role, choose a role in the ‘Choose a WordPress role‘ dropdown menu.

Once you have selected a role, the following checklist of permissions will appear.  Here we have used Editor as an example:

Select the permissions that you would like to assign to the role and press Save.

The role that you selected from the ‘Choose a WordPress role‘ dropdown menu will now have your chosen permissions assigned.

Create a Form Manager Role

Another option is to create a dedicated Form Manager role. This role then can have specific permissions setup. You then can assign user in WordPress to this role. When in use the Form Manager role is has the same permissions as Subscriber plus the Gravity Forms options that you select.

By default the Disable Form Manager role option is checked. Click the Enable Form Manager role radio button and then select the permissions that you want to assign to the Form Manager role and press Save once finished.

Your selected permissions have now been applied to the Form Manager role.