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Populating fields form Zoho CRM

Version 2.8 of our plugin has added a new feature to enable automatically populating fields with data from Zoho CRM. This article will step you through this new feature.

Let’s look at an example, how to set the lead status on your leads.

How to set the lead status in Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM allows you to customise many areas of the CRM. You can for example, setup your own lead statuses that match your workflow. Let’s look at how you would then set this up in our plugin.

Let’s start with the Zoho CRM side. Below is a screenshot of our Lead Status field.

What I might like to do is have a hidden field in my website enquiry form that sets all of the enquiries to option 2 – ‘Conversation – DMA to call them’.

I’ve created a hidden field in my Formidable Form. Then from the Field Options section for that field, there’s a new option there “Populate From Zoho”.

I can choose the Lead Status and then the option from that Zoho field.

Now every time a user completes the form, this value will be sent via the hidden field.

Other field types

This feature will work with text fields, hidden fields, checkbox, radio and dropdowns. In the example above we worked with a hidden field. It does not have to be that field type. You could for example show a dropdown menu of your products (from Zoho CRM) and allow a user to choose which product they’re interested in.