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Stock Tile – New Widget for WP Stock Ticker Pro – Help for WordPress

The plugin has a number of ways to display stock market data. In version 3.8 we added another option, the Stock Tile. It’s a great looking new widget that can be used inside any widget area of your WordPress theme.

Here’s the bold new look

stock tileIt’s able to display one or more stock codes, and features the company name, the ticker symbol, graphic to indicated latest movement as well as movement data.

The Stock Tile is responsive so will fit into many different locations in your WordPress theme, perhaps a sidebar, perhaps on a home page widget.

How to setup the Stock Tile

In the setting section of the plugin visit the tab labelled. Here you can add any number of stock ticker symbols. Look them up at Yahoo Finance.

All the symbols added there will then be available in your Stock Tile. You can choose which of them to use, we’ll cover that below.


The Stock Tile widget

wp-stock-ticker-widgetNext up, navigate to the widget area of your WordPress dashboard. It’s located under the Appearance menu.

In the list of widgets on the left side of the interface look for the one labelled WP Stock Ticker Pro – Tile. Drag this into the widget area of your choice. Then select which of the stocks you’d like to have displayed.

Learn more about WP Stock Ticker Pro

The plugin has a Getting Started Guide that’s available here. There is also additional documentation for WP Stock Ticker Pro here.

To purchase the plugin visit its home page – WP Stock Ticker Pro.