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WordPress Stock Ticker Charts – WP Stock Ticker Pro

When working with a scrolling ticker or a static display, you have the option to enable charts to the display. This allows a user to click on each of the symbols and a chart will be displayed for that symbol.

ticker chart

Chart Settings

The chart settings can be enabled independently for scrolling tickers and static displays. Visit the tabs in the settings page, there you’ll see the following options.

Chart setting in WP Stock Ticker settings

There are three chart types available from the Yahoo Finance system; line, bar and candle stick. Select your preferred chart type. For most users the default of can be used for interfacing to Yahoo Finance. If however the companies or other prices you’re displaying are not available there, update to the alternative interface

From version 3.8 there is a new option there to control the timeframe for the charts from 1 month through to a period of 9 months.

The screen shot below shows a chart being displayed on the ticker.

Controlling charts from a shortcode

When using the shortcode to display the ticker you can override the default setting on a page or post in your site.

Use the following syntax for the shortcode:

[s_ticker_display chart=’yes’]

[s_ticker_display chart=’no’]

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