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Pipedrive Marketing Status – map this field

Pipedrive has a new tool for sending email to your CRM contacts; if you have in enabled in your Pipedrive account you will see it in the menu under Campaigns. Much like other email systems, Pipedrive Campaigns has a database field that stores the marketing status for each contact. This allows the system to know which of your contacts have opted in to receive marketing information.

How to set the marketing status

When mapping your fields, in the People section of the mapping interface you will see this new section.

Pipedrive Marketing Status

There are two ways to set the marketing status. You can choose from the drop down menu. This has been configured with all the marketing statuses that can be set.

Alternatively if you need to set the status dynamically,  you can map the marketing status to a field within your Gravity Form. This could be a hidden field that has the values configured. It’s import that you only send one of the accepted values: no_consent, subscribed, unsubscribed or archived. Learn more about these statuses from the Pipedrive documentation here.

This functionality is now available in these plugin versions: