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How to use the FaceBook Pixel Tracking tweak

This tweak assumes that you already have a Facebook Pixel running on your WordPress site. You might have manually added it or be using another plugin go include the pixel code. The tweak allows you to fire specific events when a user completes an entry in one of your Gravity Forms.

To get started,  enable FaceBook Pixel Tracking by selecting the radio button shown below.  By default ‘Disable Facebook Pixel Events’ will be selected.

From your Forms list on the Dashboard, choose your Confirmation by clicking Edit under the name.  We have used “Default Confirmation” for this example.

Once viewing the Confirmation, enable the event tracking for this event.

Next step is to click on the ‘Select the Facebook Pixel Event’ dropdown menu and choose the event that you would like to trigger. Each confirmation may have a different event type triggered.

Don’t forget to Save your selection!