Google Author Link

WordPress plugin to manage your Google Authorship Links

Managing your Google Author Profile

Manage your Google Authorship Links with this simple plugin. Works for single author and multi-author WordPress sites.

Google Authorship for WordPressEach user has a new field to store their Google Profile URL, then on each page and post the plugin will create the required link in the HTML Head.

There is also an option to set the author for your WordPress home page.

All you then have to do is add your WordPress site to your Google Profile.

It’s that easy!

New features now included

We’ve been regularly updating the plugin and it now also supports these great features:

Download the plugin from the WordPress Plugin Repository, consider donating to keep this plugin updated and have a great day!

google author links for wordpress

Plugin options page

What is Google Authorship?

If you’re interested in a bit more background including screen shots of Google search results with Google Plus, then check this blog post.