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Refreshing WordPress Cached Settings – Pipedrive CRM

The plugin stores a copy of data that needs to be accessed regularly, this is done to improve performance between your website and your Pipedrive CRM setup.

In the plugin we cache (store) locally in your WordPress site:

  • the list of stages
  • the custom fields that you may have
  • the names of your Pipeline lists

If you update these things in Pipedrive you can force the plugin to re-read them. From the Forms menu in your WordPress dashboard, select Settings and then PipeDrive Add-on. Previous to version 3 of the plugin, here you will find an option to refresh the cached data (see below).

WordPress pipedrive

Newer (current) versions of the plugin this option is no longer displayed as a button. Simply arriving at this settings page will update your cached data for you.

Version 2.9.5

Users with very large data sets need to have more control over which data is cached by the plugin. In version 2.9.5 we have added the ability to choose which sets of data will be cached. Allowing you to choose only the data you need.

Pipedrive caching options

We recommend you only enable the types of data that you will be using in your Gravity Forms.

Learn more about using Pipedrive data in your Gravity Form fields in this article Synchronising Data from Pipedrive.