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Synchronising Data from Pipedrive

In version 2.8 of the plugin, you can now pull data directly from Pipedrive to populate fields in your Gravity Forms.

This new feature works with the following field types:

  • Drop Down
  • Multi Select
  • Checkboxes
  • Radio Button

Use Cases

Products from a custom field

If you have create a custom field in your Pipedrive account called Products. It might have a list of all the projects you sell. You could have a field in your form that is automatically populated with your product list.

In the below form you can see this in action, choose your mode of transport!

Data Synchronisation with Pipedrive

Please note, this version does not yet support the Products object in Pipedrive CRM, this is coming soon to version 2.9.

List of organisations

Sometimes if you have a membership site or a closed audience you might like to allow the user to select from a list or organisations that are already in your Pipedrive CRM system.

That’s also possible using this new data synchronisation.

Here’s how it works

When editing a form, select the field that you would like to pull data from Pipedrive down into. In the advanced tab, you will see the option to populate with data from Pipedrive. Select whichever option is appropriate for your needs and update the form.

Pipedrive sync with custom fields

Once the form has been updated, the field should contain options corresponding to the appropriate data in Pipedrive.

Even though you have data being populated into the field from Pipedrive, you still need to map the field like any other so that form entries are sent back to Pipedrive.


Custom Field Data, if changed in Pipedrive, will NOT be changed in your form until you refresh your Pipedrive data cache. If you’re not sure on how to do that, check out this article.┬áThis article has been updated since version 2.9.5, where the caching setup has been updated.

Learn more in this video demonstration