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Stripe payment integration

Our plugin (as of version 3.6) has a new integration with the Gravity Forms Strip add-on.

Until now, when a form was submitted, data was automatically injected into your Pipedrive, using their secure API. Now where the setup also has Stripe configured for Gravity Forms, you can delay this injection until the payment is complete.

This can be useful where you only want to insert data into Pipedrive after the user has completed a payment using your Gravity Form.

Let’s dig into how this works.

To begin with, you need to be using the Gravity Forms Strip Add-on. Once you have your payment fields added to your form you would go through the process of setting up a Stripe feed. This injects the payment into Stripe for you.

Once this is all configured, return to the field mapping in Gravity Forms to Pipedrive.

You will now see this additional option: Event.

The default, is to submit the data to Pipedrive when the form is submitted. If you would like to hold this submission up until payment is complete, change the setting as shown below.

Now the submission of data into Pipedrive will commence when the payment has been successful in Stripe.