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How it Works: Organisation ID

When mapping Gravity Forms fields to Pipedrive Organisation Fields, you may see the option to map Gravity Forms fields to the Pipedrive Organisation ID.

If you pass information to this field in Pipedrive in the wrong way, it can cause unforeseen effects.

The way that the Organisation ID works is the following, if you map a gravity form field to Organisation ID and a user enters an ID that already exists in Pipedrive, the contact (and deal, if that’s also selected) will be associated with that organisation and any information previously entered into Pipedrive about that organisation will not be overwritten.

In most cases though, if a user enters an Organisation ID that does not exist, a deal is still created in Pipedrive, but no new Organisation is created nor is a person established in Pipedrive.

Independent of what happens with the Organisation ID, a new person will be created in Pipedrive. The only thing dependent on  the Organisation ID, as stated above, is what organisation the person will be associated with.

Note: Future versions of the plugin aim to make this particular feature more useful by 1) creating a new deal if the Organisation ID is not in use and 2) creating the functionality to draw a list of organisations from Pipedrive for use in a Gravity Forms Field.